Take Action

Politics are personal. Politics are community. Politics are for people like you. 

There are many ways you can make a difference and reflect your values in the world around you.


Voting is a right but it’s also a responsibility to help improve the Winona community for everyone. Learn how to vote in Winona and who’s running for office in upcoming elections.  

Winona DFL is proud to sponsor the candidates and representatives to best offer Southeastern Minnesota a prosperous, healthy community.


Candidates will be posted during election cycles. Until then, get involved with the DFL today. See our volunteer options below!


Want to meet your Democratic Representatives dedicated to strengthening 

our communities?

For more information on your Democratic Party candidates and representatives, follow Winona DFL on Facebook and Twitter.

Need to know where to vote?

Need to register to vote? Need an absentee ballot? Anything else related to voting?

We’ve got you covered.

Find Your Precinct Polling Location

1st Ward

1st Precinct

August Primary Elections: Winona Area Learning Center | 1299 W. Third St. 

November General Elections: Westfield Golf Club | 1460 W. Fifth St.

2nd Precinct: Radiant Church, 850 Highway 14

3rd Precinct: Maplewood Townhomes Community Center | 1756 Kraemer Dr.

4th Precinct: Faith Lutheran Church | 1717 Service Dr.

2nd Ward

1st Precinct: Alverna Center | 1175 W. Wabasha St.

2nd Precinct: West Recreation Center | 800 W. Fifth St.

3rd Precinct: Cotter Schools, St. Cecilia Hall | 1115 W. Broadway St. (enter on Wabasha St.) 

4th Precinct: Central Lutheran | 259 W. Wabasha St.

3rd Ward

1st Precinct: WSU Kryzsko Commons | Huff & Howard Streets

2nd Precinct: Lake Lodge | end of Main St. at Lake St.

3rd Precinct: American Legion | 302 E. Sarnia St.

4th Precinct: Wesley United Methodist Church | 114 W. Broadway St. 

4th Ward

1st Precinct: East End Recreation Center | 210 Zumbro St.

2nd Precinct: East End Recreation Center | 210 Zumbro St.

3rd Precinct: Sobieski Park Lodge | 965 E. Wabasha St.

4th Precinct: National Guard Armory | 1303 Homer Rd.


Do you love your town as much we do?

Join us today in making our home and yours a better place. Together, we can do this.

We’re always looking for volunteers for:

  • Provide leadership & coordination
  • Staff office and help with office work
  • Write letters
  • Make phone calls
  • Help with mailings
  • Drop literature
  • Go out for door knocking
  • Participate in parades
  • Staff table at County Fair
  • Host a social event in their home
  • Help with events
  • Distribute lawn signs
  • Display a yard sign in their yard
  • Help with voter registration
  • Be a poll worker
  • Manage our database
  • Support digital communication on our website and social media
  • Produce graphic design materials
  • Engage in public speaking

Join College Democrats

Connect with other college students who share your values by joining your College Democrats student club on campus.

Photo by Charlotte May on Pexels.com

Winona State University College Democrats

We strive to instill Democratic values with our members, such as: 

  • providing good and affordable healthcare to everyone
  • keeping college affordable
  • creating a cleaner environment, 
  • building an inclusive community where all people are welcome to share their thoughts, ideas, and life stories

By joining the WSU College Democrats, you can:

  • Get involved in the political process
  • Meet political candidates
  • Discuss current and political events
  • Build relationships with like-minded people
Photo by George Pak on Pexels.com

College Democrats at Saint Mary’s University

We recognize that intersectionality, diversity, and community support are needed to foster inclusion at all St. Mary’s University campuses.

As a student organization, we work to: 

  • Promote and endorse the principles of the Democratic Party among students at Saint Mary’s University
  • Encourage students to vote in all levels of government in order to take action in our political and social reality
  • Provide education and service opportunities about Democratic social issues
  • Host social activities for club members and the larger community to encourage dialogue and debate on current issues
  • Develop political awareness and foster student leadership
  • Promote equality, inclusion, and tolerance