Our Values

We stand for a society where everyone can succeed. We stand for a government that works for the people. We stand to protect opportunity and freedom for all Americans.

Strong Economy

We believe Southern Minnesota works best when

  • all individuals have the opportunity to reach their full potential
  • policies favor new careers and meaningful employment
  • employees have rights
  • wages allow Americans to live better today than yesterday.

We support tax relief for hard working American families and a guarantee that all contribute fairly and proportionally to our community and nation.

Families & Community

We believe that families are at the center of the American spirit, and we recognize the diversity of the American family.

We believe that families deserve affordable health care, strong public schools, safe neighborhoods, and safe schools.

We strongly support wage, family leave, and childcare policies that allow families to thrive financially and spend time together.


We believe strong schools are the backbone of democracy. We support schools because schools communities together, while laying the groundwork for individual success and prosperity for American families. 

We believe that

  • schools should be safe from gun violence
  • teachers’ wages should provide stability to teachers and the community
  • strong schools help build respect and dignity across generations.

Affordable Health Care

We believe that health care is a right, not a privilege. We believe that all Americans deserve the highest quality of health care our advanced society can offer.

We believe that the privileged should not receive health care others do not, and that Americans families should not be saddled with debt due to emergency or illness.

We believe that pre-existing conditions should not exclude your loved ones from medical care.

Military & National Guard

We give our patriotic gratitude and support to all service members and veterans.

We believe that members of the military and national guard have bravely served our country and deserve a pathway to a post-military college or career education funded by our nation.

We also believe veterans are owed strong and ethical medical care and community support as they return to civilian life.

Healthy Environment

We believe that a healthy environment is a risk-free environment where families and neighborhoods can thrive, where energy is clean and green, and where ecosystems are not spent faster than nature can replenish them. 

We believe a healthy environment is justice served for Americans. Working class and middle-class communities and communities of color deserve protection from policies that allow harmful chemicals to be housed in their own neighborhood or backyard.

We fight to keep the environment healthy so American families stay healthy.

Freedom of Worship

We believe that religion and spirituality provide purpose and guidance in our lives, and America is a stronger nation when the wisdom and blessings of all religions are allowed to flourish in our communities.

Safe Elections

We believe that voting is a right, not a privilege. We support inclusive voting laws that do not discriminate based upon race, income level, or other factors.

We believe in America’s unbroken tradition of fair elections, and we believe that Americans can and should overcome their political prejudices to accept the results of free, fair elections.

We believe that safe, secure elections and loyalty to American democracy, not a political party, are the best protection for America in an age of misinformation and disinformation.