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The Winona County DFL and Democratic Party defends and enriches our beautiful county, townships, and cities for the everyday Americans who live and work here.

Your vote counts this August 9!

This is a reminder that we have both an election AND a primary on Tuesday, August 9. 

The Congressional District 1 (CD-1) Special Election is to fill a vacancy created by the death of Rep. Jim Hagedorn.  Please note that this will appear as a separate item on the ballot.

The Primary is to narrow down the list of candidates who will run in the regular election in November.  Those chosen will be on the ballot for CD-1 (for a full term beginning in January), state positions (Governor/Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State), and non-partisan races for County government positions (Auditor/Treasurer and some County Board seats), City Council seats and School Board seats. 

You can find information about the Special Election and the Primary at https://www.sos.state.mn.us/ under the Elections & Voting tab.   This site has links for registration, locating your voting place and hours, other ways of voting (absentee or early in person voting) and viewing your sample ballot. 

Here in Winona County, in-person early voting can be done at the Auditor/Treasurer’s Office in the Winona County building at 202 W. Third St. in Winona.  Normal hours are from 8 am to 4 pm on Monday to Friday. They will also be open from 10 am to 3 pm on Saturday, August 6, and until 5 pm on Monday, August 8.

DAN WILSON: Candidate for Minnesota Senate!

 Before a large and enthusiastic crowd at the Island City Brewery, Dan Wilson launched his Winona Volunteer campaign to unseat Jeremy Miller in the MN Senate. 

Following inspiring introductions from Dan Feehan and Senator Erin Murphy, Dan excited the gathering as he laid out his plans to focus on issues that revolve around his Father, Farmer, and Friend values. Learn more at Dan’s website which is linked below.

It’s time for Jeremy Miller to be removed from his Senate position. Twelve years ago he went to St. Paul promising to be a bipartisan, “purple” candidate. Sadly, over the years with the influence of the Republicans at the national and state levels he has migrated to a far right “red” position and is no longer serving the needs of ordinary people in southeast Minnesota.

See Dan’s bio below for a link to his website.

Wednesday Office Meetings Resume!

Please join us on Wednesdays at 10:00 am for an informal, agenda-less meeting. We gather to catch up on the news, share ideas and socialize. The coffee pot is on. The meetings are held at our office space in the Kensington building at 3rd and Johnson Streets in Winona. If you have any questions please contact Chair Jim Worthley at worthley@hbci.com for more information.

Please stop by our DFL pop-up tent near the Winona Farmers’ Market each Saturday morning from 9 to 11:00 am. Enjoy some conversation, meet with friends, explore our literature, and learn about coming events and ways to support our DFL candidates. If you would like to staff the booth sometime, please contact Jim Worthley at worthley@hbci.com

Upcoming Elections

Dan Wilson: Candidate for Minnesota

We are excited that Dan Wilson is running for the Minnesota Senate District 26 seat. Dan is a community-oriented, energetic small business owner, father, and farmer, and he has the heart of a Minnesotan.

Looking forward to the campaign, Wilson says, “This is the chance for those of us who work and farm in southeast Minnesota to bring our concerns to St. Paul and work together to improve our lives and the lives of our children.”

See our Facebook and Twitter links for more information on Dan Wilson’s candidacy, including press releases. Or visit the

Jeff Ettinger Wins Special Election: Let’s Turn CD 1 Blue on August 9

Jeff Ettinger won the May 24 special election to run for Congressional District 1 and represent Southern Minnesota in Washington DC. Jeff is a thirty-year plus resident of Austin, Minnesota where he and his wife LeeAnn raised their four children. He has worked for years to strengthen his community and for those who have been left out of our economy, from his business career to the charitable works of the Hormel Foundation to his current role as the co-chair of Governor Walz’s Council on Economic Expansion.

Jeff is the former CEO of Hormel Foods, where he and the team created thousands of good-paying jobs, expanded profit sharing for the company’s workers, and was named Most Responsible CEO of the Year. Jeff has never run for office before. He’s in this race now to address the problems that politicians seem unwilling or unable to fix. As he’s done his entire career right here in Southern Minnesota, Jeff will work hard to build solutions that work for everyone. Click below to learn more about Jeff.

Re-elect Gene Pelowski to the Minnesota House

Re-elect Gene Pelowski as your representative to the Minnesota House of Representatives! Gene has served Minnesota honorably for several decades, helping seniors, children, families, and communities prosper while working to make Minnesota’s government an efficient, supportive legislative body. To learn more about Representative Pelowski, read his latest proposals in the document to the left, or visit his website, linked below.

Get Ready to Vote!!

Get Ready to Vote

It’s an election year, and many fundamental rights and much-needed policies hang in the balance. 

We need to get the right people in the right political offices who will use their power to make progress–not those who wish to use their power to stall America’s progress.  

Truly every vote matters, so make sure yours counts!

Election Security

The integrity of our elections has been under attack across our nation, despite no substantial facts to discredit recent election results, and massive evidence that American elections are the cleanest they have ever been. 

The best protection for America and Minnesota against restrictions in voting rights or partisan, tampered elections is to volunteer to be an election judge or election observer. 

Contact your local government to become a judge or an observer, either unaffiliated or on behalf of the Democratic party.

Special Election: August 9

Take note of the different layout for the Special Election ballot.

Your ballot will have two sides, one for the Primary Election seats and one for the Special Election seat.

In the primary election, voters must vote by party. However in the special election, on the flip side of the ballot, voters may cross party lines.

So, on one side of the ballot you will vote for the vacant CD1 seat.

On the other side you’ll vote the way you normally do during a primary election:

  • vote straight ticket for the party positions
  • cast your vote in any non-partisan elections where there is a runoff 

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