We love America. Its history. Its freedom. Its commitment to life, liberty, & the pursuit of happiness.

The Winona County DFL and Democratic Party defends and enriches our beautiful county, townships, and cities for the everyday Americans who live and work here.

Donate Now to Attend Our April 23 Brunch and Fundraiser

Interested in attending our April 23 Brunch and Fundraiser? You can donate here and reserve your place in the brunch line! See below for more details on our annual brunch!


Annual Spring Fundraiser Brunch Schedule Is Here!

Join us at McKenzies at the West Side Golf Club on April 23, 11:30 am- 2:30 pm for the 2023 Brunch Fundraiser! Local candidates and DFL leaders will share their vision of Winona County’s future. Click the button below for the PDF for schedule, menu, and other details, including donation. Hope to see you April 23rd!

Congratulations to Minnesota’s Democratic Leaders

Congratulations to Governor Tim Walz, Lt Governor Peggy Flanagan, and cabinet officers Keith Ellison, Steve Simons, and Julie Blaha on their re-elections for four more years!

With the Governorship, the Senate and the House, and two U.S. Senators, the DFL is in the strongest position we have been in for years. Congratulations to all!

Gene Pelowski Re-elected to Minnesota House

Congratulations to Rep Gene Pelowski for his reelection to the Minnesota House.  Well done Gene!

We Want to Talk With You! Join Us Wednesday Mornings

Please join us on Wednesdays at 10:00 am for an informal, agenda-less meeting. We gather to catch up on the news, share ideas and socialize. The coffee pot is on. The meetings are held at our office space in the Kensington building at 3rd and Johnson Streets in Winona. If you have any questions please contact Chair Jim Worthley at worthley@hbci.com for more information.

Breaking News: Pelowski to Head Minnesota’s Higher Education Committee

Congratulations to Gene Pelowski, who will be leading the effort to strengthen education in our great state!


We are grateful to have a year-round office in Winona thanks to the generous support of our DFL community. It has proven to be an invaluable place for meetings, planning, and gathering.

Any time anyone wishes to come to the office when it is not being staffed by  volunteers, they simply need to call our number (507/474-6099) and within 24 hours you will be called back to arrange a time to come in. Please see our office hours at the bottom of this page for more information on meeting your DFL in person!

The Winona DFL’s Short Film “Up Is Down,” or How To Stand Together in a Diverse America

The Winona County DFL knows that America is currently polarized by media and the growing influence of partisan politicians. However, we believe that Americans still agree on most basic principles on a strong America. The Winona DFL also believes we can still listen to each other and return the U.S. to its heyday as a place where people come together to build a better nation and local community. Check out our video Up and Down about the truths we all need and believe in.

News & Social Media

Learn how Minnesota Democrats are keeping the best of Minnesota’s past while building its future.

Stay up to date on Democrats’ national progress to Keep America Strong.

Protect Your Freedoms: Vote Democratic

Be sure that you are prepared to support your local and regional Democratic candidates next election cycle! Click below to ensure you are ready to vote!

Are You Ready to Vote!!

Get Ready to Vote

Although it is not an election year, many fundamental rights and much-needed policies hang in the balance. Be ready to vote to defend your freedoms!

We need to get the right people in the right political offices who will use their power to make progress–not those who wish to use their power to stall America’s progress.  

Truly every vote matters, so make sure yours counts!

Election Security

The integrity of our elections has been under attack across our nation, despite no substantial facts to discredit recent election results, and massive evidence that American elections are the cleanest they have ever been. 

The best protection for America and Minnesota against restrictions in voting rights or partisan, tampered elections is to volunteer to be an election judge or election observer. 

Contact your local government to become a judge or an observer, either unaffiliated or on behalf of the Democratic party.

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