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The Winona County DFL is a committed to electing Democrats and working towards a progressive agenda that includes affordable healthcare and college, good roads and bridges, 21st energy plan and are committed to the improvement of peoples live's through the political process.

The Second Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. our Executive Committee meets to discuss events and discuss outreach opportunities for local Democrats in and around the Winona area. We invite you to attend our Executive Committee meetings or visit our Events Page for upcoming events in the area.

Winona County DFLers at the First Congressional District Convention.

Winona County DFL sent a full delegation of delegates to the First Congressional District DFL Convention on Saturday, April 21st in Le Sueur, MN.

Winona County now has even more representation on the Congressional District 1 DFL Executive Committee. Winona DFL Secretary Chris Phan was re-elected as Congressional Party Secretary, Winona Vice Chair Jacob Grippen was re-elected to represent our Congressional District on the State DFL Constitution, Rules and Bylaws Committee, and Winona’s Mary McCoy was elected as the Congressional District Outreach Officer.

Other important business of the day was to choose between Dan Feehan, Vicki Jensen, Joe Sullivan, and Rich Wright to be our endorsed candidate to take over for Tim Walz. Each candidate presented their best case and after 2 rounds of balloting, in a true sign of unity, Jensen, Sullivan, and Wright conceded the race and moved to endorse Dan Feehan as our Congressional District 1 DFL candidate.

Now it’s on to the State Convention for Winona County DFL’s delegates and alternates happening in Rochester June 1-3 where they will endorse candidates for both US Senate seats, MN Secretary of State, Attorney General, State Auditor, and of course, Governor and Lt. Governor, and also take care of other State DFL business. Check back on our Facebook page for a link of a live broadcast of the State Convention June 1-3.

Annual Fundraising Brunch

Winona DFL members turned out in force for its annual fundraising brunch on April 22 at Whalen's at Westfield Country Club. Speakers included Erin Murphy and Tim Walz, candidates for Governor as well as Gene Pelowski, Julie Blaha, Jonathan Isenor, Thomas Trehus, and a representative for the Dan Feehan campaign.

Conversations centered on finding ways to improve the lives of Minnesota residents by supporting a new generation of energetic candidates. Pocketbooks were opened and Winona County DFL raised enough money to keep the office doors open for another year and provide significant support to its endorsed candidates.