Minnesota Voter Registration Information

MN Secretary of State Website
Voter Registration - Downloadable forms for registering to vote in Minnesota.

Raise your Vote
Raise your Vote - Complete the voter registration form online, print, and mail.

Winona County Voter Registration
Call the Winona County DFL office (507-474-6099) for information on registering to vote.

Minnesota allows voters to register on election day. You will need to bring to the polling station proof of your address. Permanent residents can use their Minnesota driver's license or state-issued ID card. Students who live off-campus can bring a copy of their lease agreement or an utility bill in their name. Students living on campus should be listed as living in their precinct at the polling station.

Utility bills used should be payable within 30 days of the election in order to be used for address verification for same-day registration.

Absentee Voting Information